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Jhitku Mitki | Dhokra

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Let's, let's stay together !

Love is in the air... and it's sometimes humid, stifling & heavy with expectation! But we can help you breathe a little easier. Within this Valentine's Day gift awaits the perfect present to make that special someone smile! This is not any other factory-made, mass-produced items but one-of-a-kind, meaningful art handcrafted by the artisan who has faded into history and their story went with them – a limited edition. While you read through the story of this piece of history – Jhitku, and Mithki, you would remember it with this sculpture for your entire lifetime.

Story of Jhitku (male) & Mitki (female), Tribal Histories. 

In the beautiful small village of Bastar, Jhitku and Mitki met at a local fair, and it was love at first sight! Jhitku's family had no objection, but Mitki's seven brothers were against their love. Mitki's brothers didn't want to let their sister live with Jhitku in another village and demanded Jhitku to stay with them instead as a resident son-in-law. The thought of leaving his family and village made Jhitku angry and uncertain. In the meantime, Jhitku found a middle ground and came up with the idea of building a house in Mitki's village. Jhitku-Mitki finally got married. After marriage, Jhitku used to graze cattle along with Mitki’s brothers.

A few years later famine hits the village and people started starving. To safeguard and secure access to water, villagers build a pond to save rainwater. But it only worked during the rain. One fine day few Tantriks (self-proclaimed doctrine of enlightenment) suggest immolating a person in the pond to be able to hold water and bring rain. To escape the deadliest aspects of the continuing drought, superstitious youths in the village got convinced with Tantrik’s proposal. They conspired against Jhitku. Jhitku being an outsider was a perfect candidate to immolate. Mitki's brothers fell for this conspiracy. One day while Mitki's brother and Jhitku were grazing cattle in the forest, Mitki's brothers stabbed Jhitku and threw his body in the pond. As this happens, heavy rainfall follows.

Mitki waiting for her husband falls asleep and gets a precognitive dream in which she sees exactly what happens to Jhitku in real. Mitki wakes up in agony and runs towards the pond. Shattered Mitki relives the awful moment she finds her husband dead in a pool of blood after being stabbed.

Mitki, who was in eternal love with Jhitku, couldn’t handle the pain of losing her love and takes her life by jumping into the same pond. Thus the tragic love story of Jhitku & Mitki ends, but their immortal love remains in the hearts and minds of the Bastar tribe even today...

Let's stay together, Wherever We Go!

Dimension: 16 x 3.8 x 3.8 inch  

Weight : 3260 gms

You would love to know this piece of art is 

[] Authentic Indian tribal art, purely handcrafted.
[] Eco-friendly and made of 100% natural products. 
[] Made with brass, zinc alloy, lead-free and non-toxic materials.

Caring instructions : Wipe with a dry cloth . A soft-bristled brush can also be used to clean the fine crevices.

Roomantique guarantee : Our crafts last a lifetime.  

For more details about the Dhokra process, please look at our Gallery page. 


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