We rise by lifting others!

Roomantique is a purpose-driven business with consumer experience at the heart of its vision. In introducing this digital art and gifting store in the UK, we were driven by one great purpose: allow tribal art to tell its story in each buyer’s home. Every tribal art piece has a unique story - a legend, a history or a certain thought. Unlike other gifts or art products, our curated pieces were not created in large volumes with little thought. We specifically looked for tribal communities that were keeping ancient traditions alive and were conscious of the environment.

'The foundation and the founder'

Roomantique is the brainchild of Sagarika, though she quickly shifts the credit to his father-in-law Harishchandra Damahe for giving him a great vision for a unique business. One conversation with her father-in-law one fine summer evening made Sagarika realise the irony in India: we have arguably the richest craft heritage yet the most deprived craftsmen. Was there a way to bring recognition to these craftsmen through right pricing and support? Sagarika, who was working a stable job in the UK at the time, decided to build a business that would bring joy into the lives of buyers, while spreading the same joy into the lives of the makers: the craftsmen.

Roomantique’s guiding principles

Fairness to the tribal artisans One of our purposes is to ensure that tribal artisan communities get a fair share of profits. #Joyful homes Our end-goal is to bring warmth and joy to our buyers. We want our handicrafts to light up each home they are bought in. #Community support We have partnered with like-minded folk - non-profit organizations, self-help groups and craft-centric enterprises who support similar causes.

'Empowering Tribes, Enriching Earth'

Sourcing material and handicrafts from the tribal folk alone is not enough for ensuring we protect the environment. We are involved in the entire process and have picked up communities that feel the same way. Tribal craftsmen are perhaps the greatest conservationists, but we also make sure that this consciousness is followed through the entire process- from the making packaging and delivering.