The Information You Need to Know

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade, and not factory manufactured. These are exquisitely handcrafted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create identical items. 

Beautiful Variations: 
Handmade products by nature have imperfections. Although we are thorough, there are inconsistencies. Based on the creative nature, each item will look a little different from the next. This is what makes handcrafted work unique. 

Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products, so you may find minor distinctions that make your Roomantique buys special and truly one-of-a-kind.

The images, descriptions and measurements you will find on our site have been used to best portray the products we sell. We must advise that although we try our upmost to remain completely honest and transparent the information due to the nature of our products can not be 100% accurate.

Every product at Roomantique is handcrafted by Tribal artisans using ancient crafting techniques that are thousands of years old however the products are made in today’s world. Please do not confuse them with a true antique. (reference

We like to celebrate the unique nature of each and every single product we sell. As well as the desirability that goes with the knowledge that you are buying a one off, hand crafted item. However if you do have any questions or queries regarding this please feel free to get in touch at