The Best Ways To Keep Flowers Fresh In A Vase

The Best Ways To Keep Flowers Fresh In A Vase

May 13, 2022

Vinay Yadav

Leaves submerged in water should be removed
When you place a flower stem in a vase, there will inevitably be leaves submerged in water. Remove the leaves for longer-lasting blooms.

Remember to cut the stems
This is such an important step! Cutting the stem at an angle makes it easier for the flower to take in water. You should cut the stem by 1-2 inches, or however much you need for the stem to be the desired length for the vase.

You shouldn't fill the vase with water
I was surprised by this one, but it makes sense! The reader noted that just an inch or two at the bottom, as long as the ends of the stems are submerged, is great for maintenance. Trim the stems every other day under room temperature water and replace in the vase. This ensures you’re continually refreshing the water, and the flowers are always primly cut for water intake.

Put a few ice cubes in the water for tulips
You should do this every day! This is a little-known trick that helps them live longer.

Structural support for a case can be achieved by making crosses with tape
This trick has been hailed as a game-changing arrangement hack! Simple scotch tape can be used for this trick. As a result, the arrangement remains upright and in position much longer, keeping the arrangement as a whole fresh and healthy.

No flower food? Not a problem. Try these instead.
There were many ideas on what to use as flower food instead of actual flower food! Among the top suggestions were soda, aspirin, and vodka. One person even suggested putting a coin on the bottom of the vase! (Probably the most surprising tip on how to keep flowers fresh, but I love it!)