When you buy handcrafted arts at roomantique, you make a huge difference! Yes, Roomantique donates 5% of your purchase (at no extra cost to you) to Pratham, UK - a charitable organisation that supports tribal education. 

This works both ways. In India, the children of rural and tribal folk often do not have access to good education, and in remote areas, no education at all. Apart from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, several prestigious organisations have tried to reach this demographic with school building, supply of books and teachers and vocational training. Pratham, UK is one such organisation that has done a commendable job of taking education to the unreached tribal children. Since these children are equipped in handicraft making, it is our dream that they also become literate and educated so they have bigger opportunities in the future or they take up other vocations of their interest when they grow up. 

On one hand, Roomantique is aiming to take the tribal art of the Bastar region to the world, on the other hand - you - the buyer can contribute in taking education to the children of tribal artisans. All you have to do is buy from Roomantique, and you have done your part.