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Tribal Musicians

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Sounds antique!

Folk music is the most refined and sophisticated music to be found in the subcontinent of India. There are many other forms, however, which have a specific function in the society, and these are by no means devoid of artistic expression.

In this art piece, musicians are playing different traditional instruments -a buffalo-horn trumpet (turhi), lute (ektara) and varying types of drums called dhol , tambourine (dafli) along with maraca (jhunjhuna) creating a simple and soothing composition. 

If you're a music and antique lover, this piece of art is definitely going to bring elegance and artistic feel in your rooms with its intricate design and craftsmanship!

Dimension (H x L x B) = 4 x 1 x 1.5 (Inch)

Every piece of art at roomantique is 100% handmade and has its story!

In our Gallery section you an see the exact making process of these crafts which involves no welding or cutting machine to make an artifact and that makes our products a 'True Handicraft'.  

Wrought Iron handicraft is also known as “Pitva Art “, an Ancient tribal art form, made by a very small Tribal community of Bastar, Chhattisgarh. They use mostly waste or left out Iron pieces, cut them manually by chisel and hammer and heat them with charcoal. Mostly all the human and animal figures are made of a single piece of sheet by manual hammering work of a hot metal piece. To make a joint they use Rivets. NO Welding machine, cutting machine, mould are used to make an artefact and that makes it a true handicraft. When you touch and feel the product you can see the hard work behind each and every piece.

After making, each and every piece is treated with Red oxide to avoid Rust in the future and then 3 layers of oil paint (Matte Finish) is done to finish the product. For the maintenance, in the long run, we recommend gently clean it with Cotton and oil. Each and every piece will last for a lifetime.

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