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Alarm Clock with twin bells
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twin bell alarm clock
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tiffany alarm clock
tiffany alarm clock

Alarm Clock with twin bells

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Wake up happy and on time !

Do you use your phone as an alarm? Bet you’ve had an alarm malfunction once or twice then. Your best bet: use an alarm clock. And make sure it’s a looker, like this.

All our clocks use a silent scanning movement. Invented in 1927, it's still the best and traditional timekeeping device for consumer products. HD glass dustproof mirror would keep the face of the clock clean for ages. 

And did you look at those twin bells ? 


4inch 16cm high, 11.5cm long, 5.5cm thick (see below for more details)

Product details

Weight: 350g
Function: With Backlight
Form: Single Face

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