About Us

A Social Enterprise With a heART.

Roomantique is a digital platform for some of the world’s oldest and most intricate craft forms. We started this social enterprise with a motive to preserve, showcase and share the talent of India’s tribal artisans with the world. Every art at Roomantique is made with ancient craft techniques that are older than human lives and uses only natural raw materials. We are committed to help these crafts remain a sustainable, viable livelihood alternative for craftspeople and their next generations. One of the steps to contribute towards this motive is to contribute a percentage of every single sell made towards wellbeing and raising the dignity of these tribal artisans.

A purpose-driven business, we rise by lifting others!

‘The Real Founder’

“Roomantique” – was born on a summer evening, when my father Mr. Harischandra Damahe, made me realise the irony about a country with arguably the richest craft heritage that has among the most deprived craftsmen. It is when Roomantique came into being, to help make a dent in this reality taking a task to promote India’s handicrafts in the foreign land and support tribal artisans achieving the due recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Room | Romance | Antique

“Roomantique” is about accessorising your rooms with gorgeous handicrafts, nourishing your relationship with an art. We strive to establish the connection and experience with every piece of art, just like romance, which not only makes your surroundings look artistically gorgeous but also makes your home more human. With a legacy of crafting techniques that spans millennia as far back as to the era of the Indus Valley civilisation, our effort is to curate a unique selection of traditional art and craft translated into a range of beautiful, contemporary products. The ancient crafting technique makes our products antique, Roomantique!

Genuinely Green For a Better Tomorrow.

The tribal crafts practitioner is perhaps the greatest conservationist who strives to live in harmony with his environment. While, we do our best to promote eco-friendly choices to the best extent possible, there are a few exceptions where helping livelihoods may take precedence, simply due to our commitment to help every craft form and every type of artisan from our hinterlands.

Roomantique’s Statement of Sincerity!

We are a small band of people who are passionate about both Indian craft and its craftspeople. We love the fact that each piece our artisans create is one of a kind and completely unique. We know that our artisans too are unique, each one a treasure trove of authentic, original legacy and tradition. We are obsessive about protecting both. To build support for all-things-craft, we work with like- minded folk - NGO's, self-help groups, craft-centric enterprises and others who support similar causes. Promoting fare trade to support the artisan!